Black Lives Matter: Social Media’s Outcry For Justice

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Originally published on Huffpost

(Huffington Post)-Two Black men dead from two police shootings, two raw video footages captured live and all within two days from July 4th Independence day in the United States. Several are outraged, protesting and voicing out their fears, asking “ARE WE REALLY FREE?”

The death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota has led to a mass cry leading to numerous forms of action taken by people. It is clear that those who are outraged by the killing of blacks in America are tired of being silent. Millions of opinions have been shared on social media along with provocative images and thousands have gone to the streets to protest infront of the incident locations and in several towns and cities chanting #blacklivesmatter #don’tshoothandsup #NoJusticeNoPeace…

Embedded is a raw footage of the shooting of Philando Castile, with a warning that it contains images that viewers might find disturbing. You can also see it on Facebook.

Below is President Obama’s comment on Facebook regarding this outcry…

Read the rest of his comment from his Facebook page. 
OBAMA’S FACEBOOKPAGERead the rest of his comment from his Facebook page.

The feeling of helplessness can be felt from the tons of ongoing social media posts in addition to the live feeds from news media covering the protests spreading all around the country; the nation is awake and voices are relentless!

Those who have shared their opinion on social media have expressed their thoughts in powerful and provoking ways; these are a collection of some of the most provocative social media reactions we found from citizens to celebrities, these voices believe that #BLACKLIVESTRULYMATTER!

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The voices captured here and the more out there are all asking for justice, this last case of Philando Castile makes him the 123rd black person to be shot by police in 2016 based on a tally from the Washington Post.

Justice was never served to these names above. The world waits in anticipation of the verdict in the case of  #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile. May their souls Rest in Peace!

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