Black Futures Lab X TANTV: Black Census Project 2022

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TANTV partners with Black Future Labs. Anonymous survey and call to action for all African and Black immigrants in the US to participate in the Black Census Project and make their voices hear. We encourage you to take the Black Census by visiting:

Black Census Project 2022

The Black Census Project is continuing its mission to bridge the gap between Black communities and the decision-makers that should be representing them. This project is aiming to collect information from 200,000 Black people by November 30, 2022, with data collected from the survey being used to guide the priorities and positions of elected officials and provide much-needed funding for things like emergency response, city planning, education, housing, and more. By participating in The Black Census, Black communities can benefit from increased funding for better schools, improved healthcare, more transportation routes, and more grocery stores in their neighborhoods. This survey is a way for Black people to speak up for their community’s needs, and provide insights into what is required for their collective conditions to change. TANTV is excited to join forces with The Black Futures Lab Team to support both organization’s shared vision of black representation and inclusion.

“There is also a gap when it comes to media documenting the everyday stories, lived experiences, and successes of African and Black immigrant communities. American media often fail to realize that black storytelling is not monolithic and due to a lack of diversity and understanding of the community often ignore their experiences, conflate the Black experience as one, and fail to pay attention to the needs of the community; thus, their stories often go untold” Adedayo Fashanu O. CEO, TANTV.

Black Future Lab X TANTV – Black Census Project

The Black Census is an opportunity for Black people of all ages and backgrounds to collectively discuss how their neighborhoods can be changed for the better. Questions asked on the survey seek to uncover information about generational oppression, mass incarceration, police violence, inequities in healthcare and economic access. It is our duty to use this information as a resource for improving the ways our communities are served.

“Black people have always played a role in unlocking the promise of an America that has not yet been realized, and if there was ever a time to tap into that power—it’s now.” Alicia Garza, Principal, Black Futures Lab.

By taking this short survey, Black people can be represented and create more equity for their communities. This is a chance for us to create our own table, not just a seat.

The Black population of the United States is diverse, growing, and changing. About 4.6 million, or one in ten, Black people in the US. were born in a different country as of 2019 (Pew Research).

“The foreign-born segment of the Black population has played a significant role in this growth over the past four decades and is projected to continue doing so in future years” – Abolaji Omitogun, COO, TANTV.

The Black Census is an important step toward progress. Respondents’ answers to this survey are anonymous and can influence critical decisions that are made about where new schools should be built, additional public transportation routes, healthcare access, and more.

We (TANTV) encourage all Africans in the diaspora and Black multicultural immigrants to make their voices heard and take The Black Census today!

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