Biden Raises Record $25 Million at NYC Fundraiser with Obama and Clinton

In a campaign has billed it the "most successful political fundraiser in American history," President Biden New York City fundraiser is expected to draw in over $25 million.

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Biden Raises Record $25 Million at NYC Fundraiser with Obama and Clinton
Photo: AP(Charles Dharapak)

President Biden is anticipated to shatter records with a staggering $25 million haul at a star-studded fundraiser in New York City, featuring former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The event, held at Radio City Music Hall, deemed the “most successful political fundraiser in American history” by the campaign, marks a significant milestone in Biden’s reelection campaign.

Compared to recent fundraising efforts, Thursday’s event eclipses previous achievements. During a recent swing through Texas, the Biden campaign secured $7 million from three separate fundraisers, while a gathering in Raleigh, North Carolina, yielded $2.3 million. The campaign’s largest single-day collection before Thursday was $10 million, following Biden’s State of the Union address earlier in March.

Different access tiers are available for donors based on their contributions, ranging from $225 tickets to exclusive receptions requiring donations of $250,000 or more. A photo opportunity with all three presidents is also priced at $100,000. Campaign co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg emphasized the significance of the fundraising prowess, stating, “Unlike our opponent, every dollar we’re raising is going to reach the voters who will decide this election.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s general election rival, former President Donald Trump raised $20 million in February and $8.8 million in January, his campaign has been hampered by legal expenses, with over $10 million spent on legal fees this year alone.

In contrast, Biden’s campaign committees boast more than double the cash reserves of Trump’s equivalent groups, with $155 million for Biden compared to $74 million for Trump as of late March.

With over 5,000 tickets sold, the fundraiser, curated by actress Mindy Kaling, promises an evening of entertainment and political discourse. Musical performances by renowned artists such as Queen Latifah, Lizzo, and Ben Platt, along with a discussion featuring Biden, Obama, and Clinton moderated by Stephen Colbert, add to the allure of the event.


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