TANTV LIVE: Angela Alsobrooks Proclaims “African Heritage Month” in Prince George’s County!

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Prince George’s county executive, Angela Alsobrooks, has always found a way to differentiate herself as a woman in power. She was elected as the first female county executive of Prince George’s County, Maryland, in 2018, after serving two terms as state’s attorney for the county. 

Maryland has the largest African American population out of which a high percentage are of African descent. Prince George’s county distinguishes itself as the wealthiest Black county in the United States, as well as the home to the largest African diaspora community in the State of Maryland. The county also ranks among the top five metropolitan cities with the largest population of African immigrant residents. Forty-percent of small businesses in the county are owned by people of African descent. The county executive makes history as the first sitting official in her position to create an office with a budget and assign the first African Diaspora liaison, Dr. Sylvia Dasi. She established the county’s first ever ‘African Diaspora Advisory Board’ (ADAB) in 2019 and now in 2021 she has set aside a month that officially allows the Heritage of the African diaspora community in the county to be proudly celebrated. 

Image: Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George’s County Executive ; Credit: Luova Concept

On Friday, September 24th, with an outdoor ceremony , Alsobrooks officially proclaimed  September as “African Heritage Month” in Prince George’s County, Maryland; naming the theme of the month as “The African Immigrant.” The county now celebrates May 25th as “Africa Day” and September 9th as “African Union Day.” 

Alsobrooks took to the podium proudly wearing an African brand – a D’iyanu pant-suit.  In her remarks, she acknowledged the presence of the African Diaspora Advisory Board (ADAB) members and particularly highlighted the impact of the ADAB chairman, C.Vincent Iweanoge. The county executive not only described the chairman as a friend but also a brother who has amplified her work within the County’s African diaspora community. 

“This is such an important day as we celebrate African heritage in Prince George’s county. I can’t think of any better place than here for us to honor the many contributions of Africans and the African diaspora in this community, this state and this country. We have certainly been made richer and have certainly been made better off because of the many contributions of the African diaspora community”  Alsobrooks remarked. 

Image: C. Vincent Iweanoge holding the proclamation certificate; Credit: Luova Concept

She also highlighted the role of her appointee– The African Diaspora Liaison, Dr. Sylvia Dasi, describing her as a ‘super-bad woman’ who has a strong voice in this county, making Africans feel truly represented! 

Image: Dr. Sylvia Dasi- African Diaspora Liaison; Credit: Luova Concept

The outdoor ceremony brought out extinguished leaders within the county and the diaspora. From the recipients of the ADAB Awards which included the founder of the popular African food store Afrik international, Mr Pius Eziegwe, Global fashion icon- Armando Cabral, Real Estate professional Nwabueze “Eze” Okwodu, Restaurateur of Swahili Village Kevin Onyona, Divine Agege Bakery owner- Pastor Koye Okanlawon, founder of Cozi furniture- Antony Onuaku and Healthcare specialist Dr. Joy Davis. 

Image: ADAB Members; Credit: Luova Concept

Esteemed guests included Remi Duyile who is running for state delegate to represent District 23B; Wanika Fisher a county Council candidate and Maryland State delegate; Mr. Victor Ogbonna a member of the ADAB, Chaz Ogbu “MC Chaz” an ADAB member and the official Master of the ceremony, Njukang Asong- an ADAB member who received a standing ovation for giving the closing remarks; Religious leaders Pastor Kobby Sarpong- an ADAB member who also gave the christian opening prayer and Imam Sheikh Sulaiman Barrie of Jamil-ul-Jalil Islamic Center who gave the Muslim opening prayer. Miss Africa USA- Sherylene Grice; LadyKate- the founder of Miss Africa USA with her other Queens and several other distinguished leaders of the diaspora were present. 

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