5 Suggestions to Boost Your Mental Health

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Do you sometimes wonder how you fit into this world and what your role is or supposed to be? The dilemma is that some of us still struggle to find our place in this world. We asked some friends in the wellness world to give us some helpful suggestions on how to feel more alive everyday. We asked, how can we start creating more alive experiences for ourselves!? What tips can you share to live a more vibrant life?

Here are some suggestions in their words:


I am consciously creating a life that is filled with joy, love, and abundance. A lot of this is just through relationships and interactions. I love getting out and meeting more people. I love putting smiles on people’s faces by making jokes, complimenting them, or bringing them back to their heart.


I think we start by being more present, by being aware of what’s really going on. Because in that space, we start to FEEL alive. We notice our heartbeat. We drop into that space of knowing that everything is going to be OK. We can experience the depths of love and profound gratitude. But it all starts with coming back to NOW, whether that’s by taking a deep breath or focusing on a sensation or sound.


Get in touch with your wants. What would you love to create in this world? What inspires you, motivates you, and drives you? What do you absolutely LOVE to do? Go after those things. Go after the good feelings. I will push through incredible obstacles and sometimes boring shit because I know that I will feel AMAZING because of it (case in point: personally inviting over 600 people to my friend’s surprise party. All by private message on Facebook. Took two hours. Not the highlight of my life. But the look on my friend’s face when he showed up? WORTH EVERY SECOND). Those are the moments I live for — and they don’t have to be big.

Hope this helps! Thanks for asking!


Living through ease. If we allow ourselves to step back and let the flow of life move us, we are able to move with ease and grace. Fighting the current of life is just that… a fight. When you feel your mind or body resist realize that you are going against the current. Instead turn yourself around and let the current take you on a journey of peace, love and ease. Life is meant to be easy and glorious. Let it be.


I feel most alive when I’m living in the moment, when I’m free from worry or regret, doing things I love and following my bliss. I think we can experience more of these moments by diligently practicing bravery, prioritizing ourselves and our spirits!

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