10 TANTV Brand Values We Uphold

Get familiar with our TANTV mission, vision and values we uphold. Get to understand more about what TANTV aims to accomplish as a Media brand.

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1. Social Impact: As a social impact brand we care about content and products that does good for people and elevates humanity as a whole.

2. Multicultural Voices and Content: This TV network exists to serve as a unique kind of broadcast platform that covers the multicultural change-maker voices in the diaspora of particularly the African diaspora and of course other cultures in the diaspora.  

We are a platform for the global citizens portraying cultural diversity and heritage— bridging the gap that exists between ‘home and abroad’ and being able to showcase stories and whole narratives representative of wholesome narratives and not the single story narrative.

The network provides an array of educational, inspirational and engaging content that seeks to inform, educate, inspire, engage, entertain and activate people to act towards changing the world.

We achieve this by producing multimedia content through formats such as talkshows, web articles, documentaries, podcasts, magazine and more. Our audience and readers are between the ages of 18-40 and 40 to 60, they are of multicultural backgrounds that appreciate seeing their stories of success and triumphs being told and equally represented.

They listen to Afrobeats, Reggae, or K-pop same way with hiphop, they proudly wear their traditional outfits and sometimes style it with jeans and creatively make it trendy, they are proud of their heritage and where they come from (culture). They appreciate their mother tongues from Twi to Amharic to Swahili to Yoruba or Creole or Bengali or Mandarin, or Bahasa, not to forget French, Spanish or Arabic.

They are migrants and immigrants, their identities are between both worlds of home and the diaspora so they never truly feel settled because as much as they love the opportunities of the diaspora, they want to see people and the economies ‘at home’ doing well. The people that engage with TANTV either as an audience, or a contributor or partner understand the importance of roots and culture and the role of joining forces to showcase the richness and wealth of their culture and heritage for the diaspora to see while also serving to the development of their ‘home’.

Being a force for good, TANTV is that platform for activists of cultural backgrounds that use their voices and what ever position of power they have to fight for civil peace like in Sudan, or activating campaigns to fight Boko haram for girls education in Nigeria, or  fight for human rights in India and so on. At the same time, we showcase positive and rich lifestyle multicultural content to keep you entertained.

3. Sustainability and Humanity: As part of our core mission is the stand to serve as a media platform for the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs/Global Goals). The SDGs is a framework enacted by the members of the United Nations to be achieved by 2030. TANTV has covered the United Nations General Assemblies (UNGA) for four Years, interacted with attendees through the SDG MEDIA ZONE, GATES FOUNDATION GOALKEEPERS , SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT hosted by the UN FOUNDATION and MASHABLE, along with several side events that occurs during the UNGA. Our role is to use our media platform as a portal to document the stories of those actively working to achieve the SDGs which includes member nations at the governmental levels to private organizations and businesses, NGOs and non-profits and to individuals who have personally established a cause for themselves inside of the Global Goals to pursue and other stake holders. As a media network, our goal is to grow towards being able to fully serve as a credible medium for which information, updates and progress about the SDGs can be retrieved. To this end, on our website, we have created a portal called “SDGs-TV” to cover the SDGs. We need funding to truly make this what it needs to be, we need media contributors from around the world to report daily updates on news and stories surrounding the SDGs progress.  

4. Innovation and Technology: We value innovation and understand the impact of technology to the good of a people. Let’s be honest, technology can also be used for bad and not only for good obviously. Regardless, our focus is on bringing on being a media platform that is working with innovators and scientists, academia, organizations, tech hubs and other stakeholders constantly on the brink of some new invention or new technologies. There is also the part of local innovators and technologist whom mainstream might some time fail to cover their stories. The students in Kenya who are making their own version of  ventilators or the young man in Ghana who used local resources to make hand washing stations or the social entrepreneur in Nigeria who makes furnitures out of used tires. The stories of innovation and technology are happening on different scales and TANTV sees the need to cover grassroots stories as well as big tech stories.

5. Futurists: Futurists are the geniuses and analytical thinkers amongst us that exist in any and all fields of work. You can be a restauranteur and be a futurist with how you design your restaurant business. You can be a hair dresser and be a futurists with how you think about hair dressing business and the significant unique things you do that makes your business futuristic in its approach. These are the kind of stories we value, love and care about to publish or report on. Our media platform exists to serve futurists and give them a place where they can share their genius inventions or operations so that others can learn for and also they can be exposed to a potential investor or bigger media outlet that can do justice to what they have going on. Our goal is to expose your genius abilities to the world at large as best as we can, and to take you to that next higher level where by you can derive more opportunities through the exposure we give you.

6. Conscious Entertainment: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is the kind of humor we like. You laugh but you are aware and informed, most cases you are driven to action through debating, conversations or giving your time or money to cause or an issue that is highlighted in the show. That is the kind of conscious entertainment we value, love and care about. Through music, arts, comedy, games, movies, films, and other forms of entertainment, we aim to develop programmings and content that keep your simultaneously entertained and empowered.

7. Lifestyle, Spirituality and Wellness: To be a global change-maker, you have to also take care of your personal needs as well. In most cases, we focus so much on helping others and forget about ourselves. TANTV is heavily invested in producing engaging content in the areas of lifestyle which covers lifestyle areas from personal finance tips to beauty, food, travel, spirituality, wellness tips and so on.

8. Global Youth: We value the global youth as they are the future of today. With 1.2 billion youth around the world, the global youth requires engagement.  Those under 35 around the world are prone to unemployment or engaging in extremism and terrorism. There are also global youth who have better opportunities and privilege to use their voices for change. Our work with the global youth is to engage with global youth change-makers and build a community that will address the global development issues facing the global youth.

9. Events: We value community and what TANTV is building is a community of do-gooders, change-makers, futurists, game changers, trailblazers, innovators and people who truly want to make a positive difference in the world.

Through hosting summits, niche events and gatherings either virtually or in person, the main goal for any event we are a part of is to share knowledge and empower each other meaningfully.

10. Partnerships: We value partnerships and a big part of growing this brand requires partnering with individuals, private organizations, small businesses, large corporations, government entities, NGOs and non profits and other stake holders who we serve within the kind of content and multimedia productions we create.

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