10 Exclusive Benefits TANTV Contributors Enjoy

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TANTV is the digital home of the African Diaspora. We are a media platform that caters to the multicultural black diaspora. Our mission is to advance and elevate the inclusion of the African and multicultural black diaspora in American society; We aim to bridge the gap between the African and African American communities through our journalism stories that inform, inspire, engage, and educate.

‍1. Free platform to share your work on TANTVSTUDIOS.COM. Share your voice with a new audience that can easily relate with you. Just like you probably already publish on MEDIUM.COM, the difference in sharing your content here is that TANTV cares about highlighting your voice of impact and we will promote your work passionately. Overtime, you will be catering to the audience that align with your voice as a global leader.

Image: UN Youth Envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake (Uses her voice for change)

‍2. Opportunity to cross promote your content to bigger platforms. As our editor-in-chief Adedayo Fashanu has been a contributor for other platforms such as Huffpost and Forbes, she has first hand experience on engaging mainstream media as partners. TANTV is actively working to solidify our media partners to ensure the best content from our own contributors get exposure to wider audience. Our platform is syndicated on Google News, GroundNews, Flipboard, and more. As a contributor, we are invested in seeing your content get the best exposure and we will work to get your content cross-promoted to our media partners. This is also an opportunity to use your voice to make an impact in the world! Of course the only way you get to be a contributor is that your content proves to be informative, engaging, inspiring and impactful. TANTV exposes you to our growing audience and we will promote your content on our newsletters and other assets we have‍; but remember to also share your work wide as well.

3. TANTV is a culture rich platform and what we have created is a space for you to share multicultural content, socially relevant and impactful stories that are uplifting and engaging. Content that is full of life, powerful, captivating, inspiring, informative, speaks to the times we are living in, can have a call to action, content that can truly make a difference in the lives of whoever engages with your brilliant work.

4. By being a contributor for TANTV and publishing your content on our platforms, add to your visibility and credibility with your own Profile page on Tantvstudios.com. Your custom page ranks high in search results for your name and includes your bios, your areas of expertise and skills; and links to your social profile and website so visitors can connect with you directly. You get a chance to grow your following because as a regular contributor you get this custom profile on our platform, we apply keywords for SEOs to make sure your content is google searchable and your work will show up online under your own profile.

‍5. Join a private contributor network where you can engage with other global leader members of the TANTV community. We are building a community of do-gooders, change-makers, impact voices, trailblazers, game changers, futurists and innovators. As a contributor, you are a vital part of this community. TANTV CONTRIBUTORS Network are influential and authority voices in their field/profession. We will keep evolving till we get it right. You are invited to interact with other contributors using this group.

Image: Activist Malala Yousafzai (Uses her voice for change)

6. As a TANTV contributor, you become part of the TANTV talent pool. When media opportunities arise, the contributor network will be one of the first to know and get direct information on opportunities.

‍7. As a TANTV contributor, you get to strategize with our editors to know how to improve your content or other ideas that you might want to implement to grow your base. We want to work closely with you to make sure that this platform richly benefits your agenda and your personal goals.

‍8. As a TANTV contributor, this is an opportunity to be a strong voice and online authority in your field. By regularly sharing your voice on our platform your work is constantly exposed to new readers. We encourage our contributors to contribute pieces at least monthly to stay active in our community.

‍9. TANTV contributors have a chance to transition into becoming show creators on our platform. As we produce original series, we are constantly looking into new show ideas and hosts, TANTV contributors have a chance to exploring new TV or multimedia show ideas etc. Feel free to pitch to us show ideas if interested.

‍10. Becoming a TANTV contributor shows your belief in making an impact in the world and being a contributor to global change. This is an opportunity to let the world know what you stand for and what you believe in.

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