A business has opened with the mission of promoting artists of color. Puzzles of Color has a mission towards promoting artists of color works through the use of selling them as puzzles.

Puzzles of color is a Black owned Family Business run by siblings Ericka Chambers and William Jones. Their story began back in elementary school when Ericka and William would able do puzzles as a family after school. They enjoyed the challenges of solving the puzzles as well as the time they spent together.

“But in doing so, we noticed we seldom found images that represented us and our experiences,” stated in their websites story page. “This is why we created Puzzles of Color, frameable pieces of art created by artists of color celebrating their experiences and creativity.

For people curious about how Puzzle of Color works with artists, they answered this question in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their website.

“We care about art and the Artists. We work with artists to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship to promote and sustain each other.” The statement says.

Some Artists that Puzzles of Color has promoted include: Nolan Anderson, Craig Carter, Kaitlin Edwards, and more. For those interested in shopping and ordering a puzzle, you can visit the website here.