Send and Receive Money
Anywhere with Orokii

Orokii is the best way to send money to friends and family worldwide. You can send and receive money from anyone in the US using Orokii’s convenient free wallet-to-wallet transfers, and the recipient receives the payment in a few seconds. Enjoy lower fees and faster delivery for international payments, 3X cheaper than most competitors

  • Why wait for days when your recipients can receive money in seconds?
  • Why pay more when you can pay less, and your recipients receive more?
Send Domestic and Cross Border Payment

Pay or Get Paid

There are numerous options for sending money, checks, mobile apps, and electronic transfers for different types of needs. When speed and affordability are top priorities,  Orokii is sure your best bet. Complete Payrolls and Invoices on Orokii.

  • Across 50+ Countries in the World
  • The Cheaper and Faster Way

How it Works

Download the APP

Download the Orokii App from Google Play Store and the App Store

Sign up as a Business or an Individual User

Keep up your connection with a private chat

Deposit USD

When you deposit money from your linked account, your wallet is funded with the same amount

Withdraw Payment

Withdraw balance from a wallet to a linked bank account (Domestic transactions only).

Send Payment

Once you have funds in your Orokii wallet, you are ready to send money to Domestic and Cross-border recipients

Earn Rewards

Refer friends to Orokii and earn rewards.

Send & Receive Money Within the US

Quickly pay your friends and family in the US. It’s free to use and your money moves within minutes. Send money to people with an email address or phone number the fun, fast, and secure way Or pay for anything anytime, anywhere

Private & Secure

Blockchain & cutting-edge global payment system. Send money securely and quickly to your loved ones in Africa, Asia, and across the globe.


Orokii tops other peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer apps. With Orokii, funds can be received instantly into the recipient's Orokii account and subsequently transferred to a bank account as early as the following day. With the Orokii, you can add funds to your Orokii wallet from your linked bank account. Wallet transfers and withdrawals are completely free.

You are definitely not alone

Low Transaction Costs. Unmatched Delivery

Thanks to our innovative technology, you can enjoy incredibly fast delivery times and get your money where it needs to be in no time, all at a radically low cost. Whether you’re sending money to family or paying bills abroad, Orokii has you covered.

We are Crowdfunding

Over 2K installed Apps since launch with more than 500 active users.

Over $100K transaction volume since December 2022
Experienced team with finance and banking backgrounds from Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.
Received seven money transmittal licenses and counting.
Partner with Facephi, Checkbook, Tempo, Terrapay, Flutterwave, Stellar, TANTV, and Plaid