Ireland’s First Biracial Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Resigns

Leo Varadkar who became Ireland's first gay and biracial prime minister was first elected in 2017, he was also the youngest person in Irish history to hold the office at age 38. 

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Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Resigns
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Image: Associated Press

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar surprised the nation on Wednesday by announcing his resignation from office stating both personal and political reasons behind his resignation. Varadkar believed that a new leader could better guide the party and the current governing coalition through the upcoming local and European elections. Speaking to reporters in Dublin, Varadkar stated,

When I became party leader and taoiseach [prime minister] back in June 2017, I knew that one part of leadership is knowing that the time has come to pass on the baton to somebody else, and then have the courage to do it. That time is now,”

“So I am resigning as president and leader of Fine Gael effective today and will resign as the taoiseach as soon as my successor is able to take up that office.”

Varadkar also expressed that the timing felt right for him to step down, stating, “I have nothing else lined up. I have nothing in mind.” Although Varadkar will relinquish his role as party leader immediately, he will continue to serve as a constituency representative for Dublin West. He urged for a new leader to be selected by April 6, allowing for a smooth transition of power after the Easter break.

Varadkar’s tenure as prime minister has been notable for various achievements, including leading Ireland’s recovery from economic challenges and advancing social progress, particularly in areas such as LGBT rights and gender equality.

While Varadkar’s departure marks the end of an era, the focus now shifts to selecting his successor and ensuring continuity within the government. Despite Varadkar’s departure, there won’t be an immediate general election. The process for electing a new prime minister is expected to start in the coming weeks, with the Irish parliament set to vote on the new leader after Easter.

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