TANTV is a multimedia communications and production company. We use various media formats such as television programs, documentaries, magazines, podcasts, events and more to tell socially impactful stories for a multicultural global audience. We are particularly focused on covering the socially impactful work from the multicultural communities in the diaspora. Our mission is to inform, engage, inspire, educate and entertain through our multimedia content for our multicultural audience around the globe. We engage in creative partnerships with brands focused on a local-global social impact agenda. Our vision is to serve as a trusted source for news and culturally relevant content useful to the multicultural communities in the diaspora. A platform to share ideas that makes the world a better and more sustainable place to live in. 

TANTV Brand Voice

The TBV is a partnership door open to all businesses and brands who would like to engage with us to tell their stories on our platform. We consult with you to know if you are a good fit for us. TBV allows us to publish sponsored stories about your organization or brand if you are looking to put information out about a new product launch, an ongoing project or constant news about your socially impactful practices that will engage, inform and inspire an audience. To be a TBV partner, e-mail us for more information

We represent businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals to relate their messages with third party media and the general public. Our PR services are customized and tailored to fit your needs.

Our studio has a strong tech and media crew of professionals who will support you in achieving your media goals for your organizations. From social media management to website creations, graphic design and other media requirements to help your brand do better with sharing its impactful message with the world, we are your go to company. Email us for more information. 

About the Founder

Adedayo Fashanu is the founder and editor-in-Chief of TANTV. She is a journalist, writer, TV producer and a media entrepreneur whose vision is to use media for social impact. Adedayo has a ton of published works on Huffpost and Forbes. She has covered the White House, United Nations General Assemblies, and the World Bank. . An advocate of the UN Sustainable Development Goals she is a change maker who continues to champion sustainability through media. She founded TANTV to tell socially impactful stories that will inspire others to change the world. 

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